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Provincial Governor Visit Jilin Branch

Provincial Governor Visit Jilin Branch

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Mr. Zhu Tianshu, Vice Provincial Governor of Jilin Province, Mr. Yan Xu, Municipal Party Secretary of Gongzhulin City, Mr. Chen Zhanying, Mayor of Gongzhulin and Mr. Liu Ming, Party Secretary of Gongzhulin Economic Development Zone and other government officials paid a visit to the SMTS Jilin Branch on June.20th, 2018. Mr. Liang Wei, manufacturing supervisor, and other colleagues did the reception work. 




As a newly settled company in the Economic Development Zone, SMTS Jilin branch felt it as a great honor to be selected as one of the two exemplary enterprises that the provincial government chose to visit. The government officials started their visit with a tour in the product exhibition hall. Then, they had an inspection in the production area. During their visit, Mr. Liang Wei gave an introduction to the officials about the production situation, product catalogue, customer groups, development prospects of the SMTS Jilin Branch, and the provincial officials spoke highly of the plant layout and the onsite management. They also acknowledged that, since the JilinBranch moved here just a few months ago in January, it was remarkable that the Jilin Branch was able to have great achievements within such a short period of time. Mr. Zhu Tianshu, Vice Provincial Governor, pointed out that the Gongzhuling Economic Development Zone should provide full support and attention to exceptional companies like the SMTS Jilin Branch in the future, and proactively help them solve practical problems. Mr. Zhu also raised his hope that Gongzhuling should endeavor to attract more high-tech enterprises like SMTS Jilin Branch in the future, give full play to the advantages of coordinated development, further the integration of high quality resources,improve the operational quality of the local economy, and realize high-quality development for both the Economic Development Zone and the enterprises located in it. 








We believe that, through the support from the government and our own efforts, we will forge ahead and contribute more to the development of our company and the Economic Development Zone.