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opening ceremony

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Shenyang Behr Automotive Thermal Systems Co., Ltd. ( hereinafter referred to as YBTS) held an opening ceremony in "Automobile City" of Dadong District in Shenyang on Aug.13, 2014. YBTS was established in Nov. 2012 in the Auto Parts Industrial Park of Dadong District, a wholly-funded subsidiary of Shanghai Behr Thermal Systems Co., Ltd.( hereinafter referred to as smts) The leaders from the local government, Account Managers, Prof.Junker, the President of Mahle Group, Mr.Hua Muwen, the Executive Director of Operation Controlling Department in HASCO, Mr.Gao, the Chainman of smts, Mr.Carter, the Vice Chairman of smts, Mr. Mao, the GM of BU3, Mahle China, Ms. Hu, the GM of Mahle Technologies Holding (China) Co., Ltd. (MTC), Dr.Qiu, the GM of smts, Mr. Li, the Deputy GM of smts and other guests attended this ceremony. 


During the ceremony, Dr.Qiu, the GM of smts, Prof.Junker, the President of Mahle Group, Mr.Hua Muwen, the Executive Director of Operation Controlling Department in HASCO, the leader from the Management Committee in Dadong District of Shenyang addressed the audience at the ceremony successively. 


After that, the distinguished guests go up to the stage to press the kick-off button, meanwhile, a car loaded with YBTS HVAC and EL product coming out from the screen, which indicates that YBTS actively dedicates itself to innovation and going straight forward on the development road. 


Shanghai Behr Thermal Systems Co., Ltd. (smts) is a partnership between MAHLE Behr GmbH & Co. KG and Shanghai Sanden Behr Automotive Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. , which belongs to HASCO Group. smts focuses on the development and production of HVAC modules, engine cooling systems and components for automobiles. 2014 happens to be the 10th anniversary of smts establishment. After 10 years of development, the annual sales revenue has increased nearly to 14 times, number of employees has increased nearly to 3 times. smts continues to expand the market, our production bases have covered the east , the northeast, the center and the southwest of China. We are gradually forming a layout of one R&D Center (Shanghai), three production bases (Shanghai, Shenyang, Chengdu)! 


The primary principle for YBTS is to meet the customers' demands, develop the emerging market in the north of China, inherit the technological advantages, culture essence and management experience, strictly control production procedure, and strive to provide standard and satisfactory products, service to our customers! The establishment of YBTS will help further improve the auto parts supply chain in the "Automobile City" and enhance the supply capability and radiative influence in the automotive industry.