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Company news
The Visit of Leaders from Shanghai Intellectual Property Administration

The Visit of Leaders from Shanghai Intellectual Property Administration

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On March. 4, leaders from Shanghai Intellectual Property Administration and Pudong Intellectual Property Administration came to visit SBTS. The coming visitors are directors of patent management department and intellectual property management department. They visited R&D center accompanied by the General Manager Dr. Qiu and other directors of SBTS, and have a meeting afterwards regarding the application of Shanghai pilot enterprise of patent as well as IPR-related work. Since the establishment of SBTS, we always pay much attention to the mastering of professional techniques, and devote ourselves to improving our core competitiveness through technological innovation. SBTS established the IPR management system, and keep coaching the talents to make them become more familiar with IPR application procedure and related laws. In the recent years, guided by the leaders from Shanghai and Pudong Intellectual Property Administrations, our invention patent work is keeping a sustainable development due to the deep study of projects. Our company has achieved significant progresses, especially in the field of patent industrialization. In 2009, SBTS was conferred the title of " Shanghai Model Unit of Managing Patent". In addition to that, SBTS will seek for constant enhancement and continue to develop technologically by fully taking advantage of our IPR, expanding the market share of our products, to make our growth sustain in a stable and swift way.