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The Visit of Leaders from Jin Qiao Administrative Committee

The Visit of Leaders from Jin Qiao Administrative Committee

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On Feb. 25 2011, leaders from the Administrative Committee of Jin Qiao Export Processing Area came to visit SBTS. General Manager Dr. Qiu, Deputy General Manager Mr. Li Lin, Trade Union Representative Mr. Zhou Guoqiang warmly received the coming visitors, communicating and exchanging ideas with each other. They visited the test center with strong interest as well. In 2005, the new plant of Shanghai Behr Thermal Systems (SBTS)was set up in Jin Qiao Area. As a thermal systems company which develops fast under the guidance of local leaders, SBTS increased 4 times in its sales revenue in the recent 5 years since the establishment. SBTS, the key enterprise in Jin Qiao as well as Pudong Area, is taking a leading position regarding its industry scale, comprehensive achievements and technology capacity. SBTS will fully take advantage of its strength in the automobile thermal management technology, strive to make contributions to accelerate Jin Qiao new energy automobile industry, create a new image of Jin Qiao Area which will be the core functional area of advanced manufacturing industry, model area of manufacturing service industry and leading area of new strategic industry.