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Signing Ceremony of the Technology Cooperation on New Energy Car Thermal Management System

Signing Ceremony of the Technology Cooperation on New Energy Car Thermal Management System

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Shanghai Behr Thermal Systems Co., Ltd. and Shanghai E-propulsion Auto technology Co, Ltd., an affiliate of SAIC, held the signing ceremony of the technology cooperation on new energy car thermal management system on February 16, 2011. Mr. Chen Zhixin, Executive Vice President of SAIC Motor, Mr. Zhang Haitao, President of Huayu Mr. Peter Grunow, CEO of Behr Group and Mr. Klemens Schmiederer, Board member of Behr Group and some management members of SAIC Group and Behr group attended this ceremony. Behr Group is recognized as the leading supplier of car and truck air-conditioning and engine cooling system worldwide and has been cooperating with SAIC Group for 8 years. Behr and SAIC founded in 2004 the Joint Venture, Shanghai Sanden Behr Automotive Air Conditioning Co. Ltd (Shanghai Sanden Behr). In the same year Behr founded with Shanghai Sanden Behr another JV, Shanghai Behr Thermal Systems Co., Ltd (Shanghai Behr). Thus a system synergy with R&D and production combined of A/C compressor, A/C system and engine cooling system have been established. Both joint ventures have strong competence in the China market. At present, Behr Germany and SAIC Motor have started deep cooperation on the overall thermal management solution of new energy car project. Both JVs have shared responsibility on the development in between. Now Shanghai Behr cooperates directly with SAIC Motor on another project of the new energy car thermal management system. This shows the confidence and support from SAIC Motor on the local development competence of Shanghai Behr. It shows also the support of Behr to the local R&D competence of the JVs in order to service the customer in time and precisely. And the technology of the thermal management system for the new energy vehicle can be rooted and grown in China locally. (Mr. Wang Zeming and Dr. Qiu are signing the technical service contract of new energy car thermal management system project on behalf of SEAT and SBTS representative)