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NEV products

Battery cooling plate

Battery cooling plates can be used in hybrid and purely electric vehicles, which include directly cooling (refrigerate) and indirectly cooling (coolant). They offer highly efficient cooling and can be designed together with the battery to ensure high efficiency and a long lifetime.


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Secondary loop chiller for battery: the two independent internal channels with two kinds of media (coolant/refrigerant) maintain the battery temperature in the high-efficiency area and ensure a long lifetime.




Storage Evaporator

By means of a phase change material, the storage evaporator allows to maintain the cabin comfort with switched-off engine. This is the key for using the start-stop functionality in air conditioning mode, which reduces the fuel consumption.


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PTC (12V)

Highly-efficient engines offer only low heat resources. By using an auxiliary PTC heater with a power of up to 1.8 kW, a fast heating up of the cabin air can nevertheless be realized.




High-Voltage PTC (HV-PTC)

Full hybrids or purely electric vehicles have (almost) no heat resources. The High-Voltage PTC with a typical output of 4-5 kW offers sufficient performance to heat cabins quickly in such vehicles.


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Indirect Charge Air Cooling (iCAC)

Engine-mounted air-to-water double medium cooler; state of the art for high-performance engines.

Additional low-temperature cooling circuit with a small electric pump.

A common CAC solution for all vehicle applications is possible (requires less space in the front end).

Large diameter charge air hoses are replaced by smaller coolant lines.

Improved dynamic response and reduced charge air pressure drop 

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Additional indirect Intercooler

Integrated indirect Intercooler

Working principle of indirect Intercooler


Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Cooling

Up to 20% of the exhaust gas is cooled and returned to the engine. This leads to a lower 02 concentration and lower in–cylinder temperatures.

For diesel engines, EGR cooling can significantly reduce exhaust emissions.

For gasoline engines, the main advantage of EGR cooling is a reduction of fuel consumption by reducing fuel enrichment in real driving conditions.


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Low pressure exhaust recycling cooler

High pressure exhaust recycling cooler


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Low pressure exhaust recycling cooler

High pressure exhaust recycling cooler