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SMTS NEV products was exhibited on the FAW-VW Tech Show

SMTS NEV products was exhibited on the FAW-VW Tech Show

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2019 FAW-Volkswagen supplier conference, entitled "Unite Together To Creat A New Era", was grandly held from Jan.17th-19th in Chengdu. Only 70 core suppliers with innovation ideas (15% of total suppliers)  was invited to the tech show organized by FAW-VW. SMTS was one of these suppliers due to the innovation development in the high-tech new energy products. Meanwhile, besides the component giants such as BOSH, Continental, other IT giants, including HUAWEI, TENCENT, GAODE, as welll as 5G providers, connected cars,ect., were also in the show.



The delegation led by purchasing director zhang Ming of faw-volkswagen visited the booth of SMTS with great interest and listened to the introduction of various new products by minister of commerce zhao wei, such as high/low voltage PTC electric heater, indirect condenser, battery cooler, indirect intercooler, four-zone automatic air conditioner and so on. During the communication, a total of our new energy heat pump technology and vehicle thermal system matching development ability affirmation and high praise and hope hope relying on SMTS powerful r&d strength and in changchun, shenyang and chengdu and other places the layout of the advantages, apply more new energy sources, high-tech products to new platforms, faw Volkswagen power continues to develop, faw Volkswagen from scale competition to a new round of competition of science and technology for him!

Mr. Zhang Ming, procurement director of faw-volkswagen and Ms. Li li, head of procurement control department visited the exhibition area


Led by Mr. Zhang Ming, Purchasing Director of FAW-VW, the delegation group visited SMTS exhibition booth.


Mr. Zhao Wei, Commercial department Director of SMTS, introduced our new NEV products, such as PTC, HV-PTC, iCAC and four zone automatic HVAC, to them. During the communication, Mr. Zhang spoke highly of technology of our NEV heat pump and the ability of thermal system development. He hoped that, with our capability of research and development and advantage of our lay out in Chengdu and Shengyang as well as Jilin, more and more NEV products and technology could be brought into FAW-VW new vehicle platform to make great contribution to the development of FAW-VW.


It is fair to say that the Technology Show is a spectacle for us to witness the automotive industry's transition to renewable energy and the integration of smart connection into vehicles and human life.  It could help suppliers to release new technology through this diversified platform to work together, creating a new era and achieving win-win cooperation.