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Company news
SBTS was Honored with “GP-8 Excellence” Award

SBTS was Honored with “GP-8 Excellence” Award

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Since the establishment of SBTS, we keep improving the quality and holding strong belief that only when we fulfill the requirements of continuously improving quality from customers can we obtain more customer’s share; only when we keep reducing quality costs can we maintain the leading position in the fierce market; only when we keep promoting a good atmosphere of quality culture can we ensure a sound and sustainable development of enterprise. 


In 2012, centering around the theme of SAIC “Three Transformations” and actively responding to the competition with a theme of “Integrating Advantages and Leading the Future with Innovation”, which was conducted by SGM, SBTS started the GP-8 project within the company. 


Starting from March 1st and ending on 15th of Nov, 2012, the project would not be a success if it were not for the hard work and efforts made by the project team as well as relative departments. Resulted from that, SBTS received the GP-8 Excellence award presented by the SGM, which paved way for our following CIP work.